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Certified copies of identified records may be ordered over-the-counter and will be printed while you wait.

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Self-service copying is not available for vital records. New York Births and Christenings, — name index to selected records.

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Marriage records from to can only be obtained from the Manhattan Office. Marriage records for marriages that took place in the past 50 years are only available to the bride, groom, or their legal representative. You can also obtain a marriage certificate with written, authorized notice from either spouse or by presenting the original death certificates if both spouses are deceased.

New York, NY Staten Island, NY Application for a Record of Divorce or Dissolution. Keep in mind, however, that New York divorce files are sealed for one hundred years.

Older hard-copy files are stored as follows the year refers to that in which the case was commenced :. Files at 60 Centre Street: present - all files except for , currently being reproduced off-site - microfilm only - recent updates only.

For information about requisitioning files that are in storage or access to files on microfilm, or for other information, contact County Clerk staff. This record will show, for instance, whether a lawsuit has been commenced that would affect title to real property, whether a lien has been filed against a property, or whether a judgment has been entered by the court. This record will contain matrimonial judgments that have been issued by the court.

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But please note that matrimonial files, as pointed out above, are confidential under New York State law. Business filings are located in Room B. Other categories of records maintained at the Division of Old Records at 31 Chambers Street include:. These files provide information on individuals and corporations both business and nonprofit organizations.

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They are indexed by plaintiff alone only on card indexes and by plaintiff and defendant on office databases. The amount of information varies with each case but the following can often be found: addresses, occupations, family relationships and property holdings. Restrictions by statute: Divorce proceedings are sealed for years. Commitments for incompetency are sealed for 75 years. Surrender of custody for adoption - records and indexes are permanently sealed. Business Records: Corporation Certificates - Contain names and addresses of officers, name changes for businesses and non-profit organizations and the purpose of the business.

Limited Partnership Agreements - Contain names and addresses of partners and the address and purpose of a business.

Finding New York Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

The name of an organization is required for an index search. Indexes are available in cards, bound volumes and in office databases. Name Changes: Petitions and Court Orders Card index with the original and the new name are in the office at 31 Chambers Street. Records Records are off-site, but the indexes are in books on open shelves in Room B at 60 Centre Street.