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This form, along with the completed title, may be submitted by a third-party. Proof of sales tax paid or proof of sales tax exemption must be provided. Otherwise, sales tax must be collected at the time of the title transaction. The MCO must be completed by the seller and identify the purchaser. MCOs do not require notarization. The seller of a motor vehicle must also complete the odometer disclosure on the MCO or a separate odometer disclosure form HSMV prescribed by federal or state law.

Transfer of an Out-of-State Title.

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The transfer section on the out-of -state title must be properly executed by the seller if there is a transfer of ownership. Proof of sales tax paid or proof of sales tax exemption may be required, or sales tax may be collected if applicable. Florida Statutes require that the vehicle identification number VIN on motor vehicles be verified by one of the following:.

Obtain a Duplicate Florida Title. The owner must also submit a lien satisfaction form HSMV , if records show a recorded lien against the certificate of title.

In the instance that a seller has lost a title and the purchaser will obtain a Florida title, both the seller and the purchaser may visit our office together and complete form HSMV Thanks for the feedback. We will be sure to mention this. Also, what different types of license plates are available for purchase when renewing. To clarify, are you interested in changing your information on your Florida vehicle registration? Show proof of identification and change of name information. For the second question, are you asking about Florida vanity license plates or are you looking for Florida specialty license plate designs?

We will need the entire Florida tag number , license plate number, VIN number and state of registration to lookup vehicle records. Fill out an application for a replacement license plate 3. Provide photo ID and proof of registration 4.

Receive your new Florida license plate via mail. To find out if you have a hold on your Florida vehicle registration tag , you will need to contact the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Contact them directly via their online form 4. Is there a way I can get a black license plate in Florida, just so it goes with my car accessories? To get a custom Florida license plate and see what your options are you should visit the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website.

There you can search for FAQs on Specialty Florida license plates and find out if there is a good fit for your car accessories. Choose what specialty license plate you want 3. Check to see if your choice is available 4. Receive the license plate by mail in a few weeks. This sounds like a matter for the Florida police. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with a Florida license plate lookup with the reasons you specified. Your best option would be to file a police report and give them as much information as possible.

Your feedback about our Florida license plate lookup is much appreciated and we will look into the information you provided. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance with a Florida license plate search or a Florida public record search. We have over 2 billion public records in our United States public record database.

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Military or Veteran. If you received this Florida toll violation in error you might want to contact the Florida agency that manages the tolls and let them know that Florida license plate number does not belong to you. Make sure to get as much information from that vehicle as possible, such as the Florida license plate number, make and model and color of the vehicle and any description of the driver.

I am seriously injured. The driver jut took of heading north on Dixie highway in Oakland Park Florida. I was really hit bad and hurt but i reached for my phone, called , the operator picked up and asked what my emergency was, I just kept repeating the plate, over and over knowing it was being recorded.

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I now see all plates have letters and numbers. The police cant help, Oakland park is a small town in fort Lauderdale. I have yet to ever seen a gold jaguar. It is a rare car. Can the DMV run a search on gold jaguars in this city? Her car is probably being repaired now, and i cannot walk. Can you please help me?

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We are truly sorry to hear about your accident. Unfortunately we cannot assist you without a full Florida license plate number. Best of luck and sorry for your injuries. I am having difficulty with kids in are neighborhood and I mailed my payment for tags and I. You can find more information about Disabled Parking Permits by clicking here.

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