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In , The Golden Compass , the first volume of His Dark Materials , Philip Pullman's alternate-world, cosmological science fantasy for young people, became a movie.

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It had a starry cast that included Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, with a Kate Bush song over the closing credits, and wasn't very good at all. It underperformed at the U. It debuted Monday on HBO. Only the first four episodes have been made available for review; they cover the first half of The Golden Compass. Even with modern blockbuster-on-a-budget technology, one should not expect this to happen again soon, if ever, and fans of the books will be glad to know that care has been taken to get it right this time.

From what I've seen so far, nothing of consequence has been left out. Changes should alarm only nitpickers, and additions, mostly in the spirit of the text, are to the good — fleshing out characters and character relationships, converting description to action, and making a workable motion picture out of words on a page.

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As kids' books go, His Dark Materials is grown-up stuff, an adventure story influenced by free-thinking poet-printmaker William Blake, with a title and epigraph borrowed from Milton's Paradise Lost , whose lapsarian argument it inverts. It has also often been seen as a riposte to C.

Lewis' Christological Chronicles of Narnia , which Pullman, an atheist, has characterized as misogynist, racist, anti-life and fat-shaming, among other things. But it has talking animals, too, and balloon rides.

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As is not uncommon in fantasy fiction, it is set in a world like — yet unlike — our own. Visually, the TV series recalls post-war Great Britain; technologically, it is newer and older: There are metal zeppelins and mechanical "spy flies," but I don't remember anyone talking on a telephone. Quantum theory is in there somewhere, and mathematics that imply other worlds and dimensions. Series writer Jack Thorne adds what I took to be a timely — if vague — reference to pedophile priests.

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Lyra, our heroine the excellent Dafne Keen , is a brave and clever child, "half-wild, half-civilized," living as a kind of ward of a college at her world's version of Oxford University — a "scholastic sanctuary. She is not burdened by messianic celebrity but only trying to find her missing best friend and work out why so many of the adults in her life are so screwy.

These include Lord Azriel James McAvoy , whom she regards as her uncle, mostly away exploring and experimenting in "the north. And there is Mrs. You don't need to have our app to use GroupMe.


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