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The two basic elements couples generally must establish are cohabitation and holding themselves out to the world as a married couple. Table 1 below shows the states and any restrictions they place on common law marriage recognition. Partners must be at least age Common law marriages are recognized only after the death of one partner. Partners must satisfy 2-prong test and show that they are legally entitled to marry and have registered the marriage at the county courthouse. If no longer together, they must rebut the legal presumption that there was no marriage unless they file a lawsuit for proof of marriage within two years of the date they separated or ceased living together.

If a common law marriage, however, is contracted in a state that recognizes common law marriages, the common law marriage will be recognized in other states under principles of comity. In order to determine whether a common law marriage exists, a court may evaluate evidence presented by the party or parties seeking to have the common law marriage recognized. While the precise requirements to prove a common law marriage may vary from state to state, generally, evidence and testimony is taken regarding the exchange of words in the present tense that the couple wished to establish a marriage with each other and other evidence that the couple held themselves out or acted as a married couple publicly.

Importantly, prolonged cohabitation alone i. Once established, common law marriages are marriages for all purpose. This means that they come with all of the same rights, benefits and responsibilities of legal marriage. Under the U. Hodges , the United States Constitution requires that same-sex couples be permitted to enter marriage on the same terms — whether ceremonial or common law — as are accorded different-sex couples.

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Louis sued for divorce from his common law wife, Ida M. The court granted the divorce along with alimony to Ms.

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June 1, We think it cannot now be controverted that an agreement between a man and woman to be husband and wife, consummated by cohabitation as husband and wife, constitutes a valid marriage unless there be in existence in the State in which the agreement is made, a statute declaring the marriage to be invalid unless solemnized in a prescribed manner.

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