Cell phones and no call list

The do-not-call list was slated to take effect on October 1, , but two federal district court decisions almost delayed it.

Cell Phones and The Do Not Call Registry

One from Oklahoma was overcome by special legislation giving the FTC specific jurisdiction over the matter. The other from Colorado revolved around questions of regulation of commercial speech and threatened to delay implementation of the list. However, President Bush signed a bill authorizing the no-call list to go ahead in September Placing one's number on the National Do Not Call Registry will stop some, but not all, unsolicited calls.

The following are exceptions granted by existing laws and regulations—and these types of organizations can register with donotcall. Some attempts have been made by telemarketers to skirt the do-not-call list rules. An example is the Dove Foundation , which places "survey" calls and then requests permission for a follow-up call.

Indiana Do Not Call List

The follow-up call is conducted by a for-profit company attempting to sell products. This operation resulted in a restraining order in Missouri in March Complaints concerning telemarketing calls to homes and personal cell phones can be made to the U. These rules are codified at the Code of Federal Regulations, title 47, Section In order to create an actionable complaint pursuant to FCC rules, an individual with a home phone or a personal cell phone is required to specify details of the infraction to the FCC.

Typically this includes facts such as when the call occurred, the phone number called, the calling organization, the goods or services being marketed, whether the caller has any exemption status.

mickbestgelucbea.gq Details of these rules can be found on the FCC's complaint form. Many journalists and victims of fraudulent calls and Do-Not-Call violations have extensively documented ongoing and widespread inaction and lack of enforcement by the FTC.

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The fine followed an investigation that had begun in Today's settlement leaves no question that protecting consumer privacy is a top enforcement priority. On February 15, , U. President George W.

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Bush signed H. Two major changes were enacted through this law:. Telemarketing robocalls became illegal in Katz said that while the agency goes after the biggest offenders, every complaint counts.

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The goal is to get the data out there and encourage companies to find new solutions to this annoyance. But for a more immediate response, there is newer technology to cut down on potential spam callers. YouMail youmail. Users can also blacklist specific numbers so those go directly to voicemail. It works with mobile phone numbers, and home and business lines. Then the Irvine, Calif. Besides YouMail, here are other services that could curtail the amount of telemarketing and robocalling spam:.

If I were you Nancy, I would stop answering the phone — especially from unfamiliar numbers. The only way for us to really end robocalls is to not answer the phone. If you inadvertently pick up, hang up!

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And if it irks you enough, then keep complaining to the FTC at complaints. Colorado also has the No-Call list that residents can add their number to too. Add your digits at coloradonocall. To complain about annoying telemarketers, do that here: coloradonocall. Updated Aug. Correction on Aug. Katz is a spokesman for the U.